Kimberly Minafra

Public Relations Consultant

An accomplished global communicator with a proven track record designing and executing high-impact integrated communications programs for technology and science, Kimberly has extensive experience in public relations, television production, event management, and public outreach. Thinking strategically and creatively, Kimberly has built brand images for government agencies in aerospace and technology, tech start-up companies and engineering industries. With a goal of creating strong relationships, Kimberly brings together a range of talents to market and gain recognition from the public via media coverage and social media outlets, and multimedia products to a diverse audience.

Through the use of numerous media channels, which include TV interviews, radio and print, Kimberly’s persistence for consistent media coverage has resulted in over 350 national news broadcasts (CNN, MSNBC, etc.), and late night entertainment TV shows (Late Night with Seth Meyers). Kimberly has handled national and international VIPs, legislative and celebrity guests at special events, and has hosted events as Mistress of Ceremonies (emcee) from NASA special events, and award ceremonies, to fundraisers and fashion shows.

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