Rickard Åström

Pianist, Composer

A world-renowned pianist, composer, musical director, and music researcher, Rickard Åström studied at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden. Åström has a Master of Fine Arts at the Musical Conservatory of Gothenburg, and has performed and composed music professionally since 1989.

A dual Grammy winner, Åström performs in many styles and has toured the world, including the US, Canada, Iceland, Europe, South Africa and India.

Åström is one of the first musicians in Sweden to join the musikalliansen.org, a support organization of the Swedish government dedicated to professional musicians.

A continuing Musical Director, Musician, Conductor and Composer for the Opera House in Gothenburg, Åström is exploring the many ways music impacts our lives and the world around us, by researching music for improving health, and creating soothing and relaxing music.


Rickard creates his own unique blend of jazz, classical, and world music. Be prepared for the unexpected while feeling at home.


 Intuitive master of the Piano

  sees and feels the world through his fingers.

Set out on a journey to harness and set free the magical power music has

 to heal and mirror life in all dimensions.

The sound of piano string cut clear as glass through delusions and confusions.

 The key hammers are carefully tickling,

inviting you to open the hidden doors

to a new but familiar space

where you can listen to the voice of your own beating heart.

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